We start the concept interview with a site visit, where we will study the property and all the aspects of the sun and local sorroundings like soil, mosit levels and placements of the areas and house. The interview will go deeper into your wishes and ideas about the project at hand. We will also focus on the interior decor and materials, to create a moodboard and color palette for the scheme. The basic layout of the project will be discussed and a theme of the future landscape can be established at the site visit. We will be able to answer questions concerning construction, rain and water treatment aswell as experience from past projects. A look at the vegetation and shrubs will give us an idea of the amount of green we need to remove or add to the project.

When the layout is described and the direction established we have concluded the concept interview – this can be used as base for further work and design in the outdoor space such as a sketch project or complete masterplan.

Price: 3000,00 incl. vat


Sketch project

The sketch project is a light tailored design process where we focus on the basics of the design and desires of the client. We aim to support the project with the ”need to have” visuals and drawings, for the client to communicate the design and start pricing the project with landscapers at hand.

The formats are usually delivered in A3 print versions and digital formats. Lookbook and moodboard are included as reference.


Masterplan – complete design

The Masterplan is a large design scheme that requires in depth details of all aspects of the design. The masterplan will provide a complete overview of details such as construction, cable plans, materials and plants lists. The complete masterplan has a very strong visual base and is focused on communicating powerful and very accurate design features to the clients who desire the perfect projects. Most complicated projects will require design evaluations and specific products are described and included in the technical details of the drawings. No stone must be unturned and the client will obtain very accurate drawings that will give the client the ability to secure and control a large landscaping project both in quality and price.

Featured content in the Masterplan

  • light design and cable plan
  • technical compendium
  • material list and amount
  • plant lists
  • specific products included in the design such as tennis courts or pool solutions – fire and water features aswell

Application support

Appliance for project features of terrain changes or local regulations of specific nature require drawings and project describtions that we provice as a seperate service.


Project inspection and quality control

In all aspects of the project phase we support our clients with tailored solutions consisting of site inspections, material test and quality control. This is always a good investment due to the complexity of garden design and the clients need to have more control during a project.


Hour rate

Some jobs require more or less efford in order to implement changes or make decisions. For these jobs we provide our clients with a fixed hourly fee of 960,00 incl. vat